I have now, in the words of Graham Goring, raised the number of places you can make a git of yourself on the internet by one.

Forums are now open at https://viridiangames.com/forums. Come! Stay! Talk about my non-existent games!

I used Vanilla forums since PHPBB is still apparently the easiest thing to hack on the internet. I don’t like the layout or color scheme, but those can always be changed later.

Ah! Speaking of changes, I’d been wondering for about the last two weeks why Google Analytics was claiming this site got no hits. I then realized that I changed the site’s theme, and the analytics code is embedded in the footer.php file of the theme…if you install it yourself.

So I didn’t. This time I used the Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. This should give me the data I want while allowing me to switch to any theme I desire (and I will be changing the theme, probably to match whatever I come up with for viridiangames.com).