Month: April 2011

New Inaria Beta Tonight

Um…there’s going to be a new beta of Inaria tonight. You can still get into the beta if you email me at Make sure to put “Inaria beta test” in your subject line so I can filter all this stuff appropriately.

More and better posts coming soon.

Viva La Sickness.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to be sick forever. Thus, these few lucid moments must be used wisely, for in the end I will die and Inaria will be all I leave behind to support my destitute family.

Or I’m just going to give this ONE BIG SNEEZE and cover the wall in front of me in a big black splotch of disease and disgust and then instantly feel better!

I haven’t decided yet.

Finally found a use for Twitter.

I’ve been twittering…er, tweeting…er, posting quick updates on what bugs I’ve been working on in Inaria on my Twitter feed, so if you want the latest and greatest info on Inaria’s progress, check!/viridiangames .

Sooon…so very, very sooon…

Again, complete focus on Inaria development has precluded posting. Beta 3 will be released later today, and depending on what I get into it I may actually rename it Release Candidate 1.

What I’m really concerned about is the level of quality of the content of the game. I’m making another pass over all the maps to do things like fix areas where you can see “off the map” because I expanded the view area, make the geometry more interesting and use the new triggers I’ve created to do interesting stuff.

But we have a hard date now. And when I say hard, I mean set in frickin’ STONE. Inaria WILL go on sale Friday, April 15th.

Oh, lord, I’ve so much to do. Wish me luck.