Month: March 2011

Preview of Coming Attractions

Here’s a screenshot of the current version of Inaria (click to expand).

And here’s the opening them to Inaria, courtesy of H. Arnold Jones:


There’s a party. You’re invited.

Slight change of plans (again) – Inaria is going to get a public beta starting this Saturday and running for one week. Everyone who reads this blog is invited to participate! If you want to try it out, please email me at with the subject “Inaria Beta Test”. On Saturday I’ll send you directions for downloading the game and submitting bugs. Feel free to also make any other suggestions you wish.

So yes, I’m missing my date, but for a good reason, and if you’re reading this you’re going to get to play the game anyway so…why you complainin’?

Also, is there anyone out there who could cut together a short (1:00 – 1:30) trailer of this game for me? I’ve tried but a) I don’t have the tools (I’m not willing to pirate After Effects) and b) I don’t have the skill. A price can be negotiated.

Birthing Pains

Oddly enough, I haven’t been talking on this blog much because I’ve been doing so much. I’ve gotten an amazing amount of stuff done on Inaria. Let’s take a look in three handy lists.

What’s Out:

Party-based combat. Inaria is now officially a single-character game.
Arenas: All combat will now take place on the main map.

What’s In:

“Special” terrain squares (poison fields, locked doors, teleporters, etc)
Tooltips. One of the most common concerns I hear from the CRPG Addict is that he just doesn’t have enough feedback on what’s happening to his character.
Random loot. Yes, I’m putting in random loot. After I started putting in special items named after my contributors it felt natural to have random loot. Don’t think I’ll get around to set bonuses, but hey, you never know.
The size of the screen has been boosted from 512×384 to 640×480 to fit the larger map view as well as the new lists of abilities.
The RPG system has been fixed; all stats are now valuable (though some will be more valuable than others depending on the type of character you want to use).
A new editor is in the works that will allow me to use the new terrain squares quickly and efficiently.

Screenshots to follow. I’ll also be trying to figure out enough of Avidemux to cut together a trailer.

Push Back

Don’t…don’t give me that look. I can feel your look.

Yes, Inaria is getting pushed back. But there are several good reasons.

First, the deadline was my birthday. How stupid was that? I want to spend my birthday relaxing, opening presents and eating a hamburger as big as my head, not frantically coding.

Second, the game might still be ready on time, but the website is not. I Are No Artist, so my website design skills are limited. I’ve already figured out how I’d like to do the layout, but actually making it look nice is a bit beyond me. Plus, I have to set up everything so that the game can actually be purchased.

Third, if I do get the donations from 8-Bit Funding, I’ll need time to actually use them, since I stupidly put the donation deadline on the same day the game was to be released. (Whether or not I get the donations from 8-Bit Funding depends on whether or not I hit $250 in donations within the next two days. If a project does not raise at least 50% of the money requested before the deadline, all donations are refunded, no exceptions.)

The new date is March 31st. I think this is realistic enough that I might actually come in early.

Don’t worry. You’ll be taking on the Slorn army single-handedly in no time.