New features: More map revamps. Cleave and Smite fixed (both were broken when I added code to allow NPCs to attack each other). The ability to start a new game if you stupidly die without saving. Armor actually works. Music crackle killed for GOOD. The return of the Mountain Trial (finally). Lots of easy loot exploits fixed or at least made harder. The cost of potions now level up as you do, so you’ll have something to spend all that money on.

And yes, Lorenzo, the messages now explicitly tell you if it’s health potions or mana potions that you can’t buy any more of. Pedant.

I’ve also made a decision on Hide Your Children – I’m going with type 2; they are there but un-attackable. I did this because I realized that if I made “friendlies” attackable in the overworld, the player could just kill those two Slorn guards and “free” Sapphire and I didn’t want that. So no attacking friendlies on the main map; that includes kids.

Release should be tonight, and this one should be very close. I’m hoping that with some good feedback, I can wrap this up this weekend.