Okay! Back on May 17th, I took an evening out from grinding on Inaria to play The Witcher 2. That evening ended in frustration (I recall saying something like “sixty dollars down the effing toilet”) when I could not get past a very early fight sequence. I thought I just sucked.

Well, if I suck, then everybody sucks. None of my skills from the first game mapped to this one – in Witcher 1, there was a nice combo system that would allow you to decimate an enemy if your timing on your attacks was right; it also had different stances for fighting different enemies. If those exist in Witcher 2, I was never told about them and couldn’t find them myself.

Plus, respawning enemies. I mean, yeah, I’m in enemy territory, but at some point those guys should pause at the doorways of the courtyard I’m in and think to themselves, “You know, I just watched him kill twenty guys…maybe I won’t go out there. If he wants to fire that ballista so badly, I think I’m going to let him.”

All in all, a little early in the game for a shelf-level event. I’m sure I’ll pick it up again sometime but I don’t know when.