Ah, sidekicks. Where would we be as players without them?

Probably talking to ourselves a lot.

A good sidekick (a good supporting character, really) can make a game shine. Here are descriptions of ten of my personal favorites. Can anyone name them all?

1. A huge, orange behemoth summoned from the ground and given one purpose: to DRIVE! Or to change oil and adjust timing belts, if no driving jobs are available.

2. A hyperkinetic rabbity thing with a high voice and a penchant for extreme violence.

3. A fat redneckish guy with gold sunglasses who has his selfish moments, but in the end is always there to help you out. And eulogize you, if need be.

4. A dumb blonde reporter who turns out to not only not be dumb, but is a great shot and never needs rescuing.

5. A female archeologist-turned-psychic who happens to be the person who knows the most about the lost city you’re investigating but will only help you if you let her come along.

6. A happy-go-lucky, childlike robot that follows you everywhere.

7. A gravel-voiced, cigar-chomping space marine who just happens to always be there for you when things go south.

8. A young Japanese girl who always wears ceremonial robes, has a huge appetite for cheeseburgers, and can channel the dead.

9. A duck with a bad temper and a horrible speech impediment and a dopey, but loyal, humanoid dog.

10. A friendly, lovable white German Shepherd who can be trained to play ball with you, find treasures and attack your enemies, and helps you escape a horrible castle. (Warning: a toughie.)

Good luck and have fun!