My idea for this week’s Name That Game! is a bit more involved, and I haven’t had a chance to work on it yet. Hopefully it’ll be up tomorrow.

Second…ClanDestiny is getting an overhaul. I’m rewriting it in Seth Robinson’s ProtonSDK to make it easier to make it cross-platform. This will take a while, since the SDK doesn’t map well to my own framework (this is not a problem with ProtonSDK, it’s a problem with my framework).

I also need to get rid of those Fire Emblem textures because…I’m going to release this beta for free not only here on the web, but on the Android Market. I got this idea from Seth, who has done the same thing with his new game Tanked. Getting feedback from Android users should make it easier to polish the final version and make it something Android users are expecting.

So…that’s why there’s no new content on the site. Except this post. Which doesn’t really count.