This is Reprisal, a free flash game.

Okay, my first thought when I saw this on Rock, Paper, Shotgun was “What the hell?!” Saying this game was “inspired” by Populous is like saying Pepsi was “inspired” by Coke. Except for the interface, it would be very easy to mistake a screenshot from this game for one of Populous and Populous 2.

I was a bit irate at first…and I’ll be honest. It’s because, despite all my efforts, this game is more complete than Planitia. Planitia, after years and years and years of work, is still not a game that anyone would want to play.

But after reading the development blog, my ire waned. The developer, Jon Caplin, is just a guy who loves Populous and wants to write his own version in Flash. I can’t begrudge him that.