Day: July 24, 2013

Chitin Update 3: 2 Hours

Got a little stuff done last night. Discovered the art I’m going to use; I mentioned it a long time ago on this blog but it’s worth a repeat: Oryx’s Lo-Fi Fantasy Sprites. Here’s a taste.


Aren’t they precious? They were originally made for a game competition called Assemblee about four years ago; since then they’ve become mainstays of the indie scene. Oryx sells an expanded commercial set so I contacted him and asked him if it were okay to use these for a non-commercial project; fortunately he was fine with that.

But I didn’t have time to get them integrated, so what you’re getting today is Colored Squaresville:


To come – um…everything. I’ve got the design nailed and it’s simple enough to do in the time allotted. I have the graphics I want. I’ve got the skillz from writing my bigger game, Planitia. Let’s get it done.

And by let’s, I mean me. I have to get it done.

In An Alternate Universe…

…there is a different version of me who didn’t get fired from Stardock and will now get to work on the new Star Control game.

I wish that could have been me.