Oh…look what I found.

I'm likin' that frame rate.

This has been my Secret Project – a complete reworking of Planitia, the game I Just Can’t Let Go. I learned a lot from the DirectX version but basically that’s the one I’m throwing away (and coming to grips with that was a big part of moving forward with the project).

The first thing I had to do was completely rewrite my framework to use OpenGL and SDL only – I knew I had it right when it cleanly compiled on Linux (that’s right, my framework is now cross-platform).

Notice that with my new graphical skills, your villagers can have shirts of any color! Madness! I’ve also got scaling in on the GUI elements so as you resize the screen they grow and shrink to stay at a certain percentage of the screen. There have also been a ton of other improvements to the framework.

So now it’s time to remake the game. Right now I’ve got the terrain generating (obviously), units walking and drawing (obviously) and one god power – Flatten, which does nothing of the sort, instead it make huge spikes of land shoot into the air, which is amusing.

And last night I fixed what I feel was the last major problem with my framework – it wasn’t running on Intel graphical hardware. This was why people were complaining during the Inaria beta that it wasn’t running properly on their computers, which was the downfall of that beta. Sigh.

My ultimate goal is a cross-platform release (on Steam, maybe?) for PC, Linux and (sigh) Mac, although putting together a Mac version means having to deal with XCode again (shudder). I want all clients to be able to multiplay with each other so that Linux users (for instance) will have plenty of people to play against.

Expect to see regular updates in the future.