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Let’s Play Starflight! 15: An Elegant Elowan Encounter

I guess hell froze over 🙂

Let’s Play Starflight! 14: Erfworld

In this episode, we visit Earth. The results are extremely underwhelming.

Let’s Play Starflight! 13: Puttering Around

I really must apologize for this video…I was almost not going to post it and then…well, you’ll see. I swear the next video will be more exciting.

Let’s Play Starflight! 12: Homeworld

In this episode, we begin our search for Earth.

Let’s Play Starflight! 11: Cloak Ninja

In this episode we continue to try to acquire the cloaking device, while also trying not to get gruesomely killed.

Let’s Play Starflight! 10: Combat!

In this episode, we fight stuff.

Let’s Play Starflight! 9: Quest for the Cloak!

In this episode of Let’s Play Starflight we start on a new line of investigation that leads us straight into the jaws of death.

Let’s Play Starflight! 8: Mopping up the Mechans

In this episode I pump the Mechans for even more information and then head back to Starport to get ready for the next leg of our voyage.

Let’s Play Starflight! 7: Messin’ with the Mechans

Doh. Forgot to post this last night after I uploaded it.

In this episode of Let’s Play Starflight, I shamefacedly admit to failure and we finally talk to the Mechans.

Let’s Play Starflight! 6: Continuing the Android Quest

In this episode of Let’s Play Starflight, we finish up with the Elowan and attempt to rescue some stranded colonists.