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Cybermage Tryout Video

In this video, I succinctly explain why voice acting in older games sucked so bad while making a complete fool of myself.  It’s what I do.

(Yes, if you’re a longtime reader of this blog you’ve heard this clip before. But I think I’ve “enhanced” it.)

Cybermage Tryout Video

In this video, I succinctly explain why voice acting in older games sucked so bad while making a complete fool of myself. It’s what I do.

Let’s Play Starflight! 6: Continuing the Android Quest

In this episode of Let’s Play Starflight, we finish up with the Elowan and attempt to rescue some stranded colonists.

Let’s Play Starflight! 5: Power Up!

In this episode of Let’s Play Starflight, we finally get our ship out of the Suck Zone and even meet an alien!

Let’s Play Starflight! 4: Ignoring the Boring

The journey through the stars continues, weeknights on NBC.

Let’s Play Starflight! Parts 2 and 3

Okay. Despite the fact that I specifically said that I wouldn’t be posting every episode of Let’s Play Starflight! here on my blog and that you should check my YouTube channel for updates, I am still getting IMs from people asking where Part 2 is…even though Part 2 went up four days ago.

So here’s Part 2.

And here’s Part 3, which went up last night.

I guess I will be posting all of these to my blog…

Let’s Play Starflight!

Yes, let’s!

I’m probably not going to post about every video I do for this…I just wanted to let you guys know I’m doing it. I love Starflight, despite its flaws, and I want more people to learn about this groundbreaking game.

Viridian’s Video Blog – Syndicate Wars

And here’s a new video blog!

I always liked the look and feel of this game. Syndicate Wars was the first Syndicate game I played, so I didn’t suffer from “It’s not as good as the original!” syndrome.

Of course when I saw it, my first thought was, “Bullfrog needs to make an RPG with this engine!”

Iffen you can’t stand the YouTube, here’s a downloadable version.

Viridian’s Video Blog – Dungeon Keeper

All right! Did another video blog this weekend…I am going to try to get into the habit of doing one a month. This one is about Bullfrog’s Dungeon Keeper.

If that video isn’t up yet or if you just don’t like YouTube, you can download the video blog here.

These things are getting harder and harder to do, and it’s basically because my standards are going up – and my time has gone down (stupid YouTube). So instead of just doing a “stream of consciousness” thing as I play, I actually had to write a script and do multiple takes that I edited together. Plus, the whole project got put on hold while I tried to figure out a way to record the video in high-res…which I eventually gave up on. I finally recorded it in low-res in DOSBox.

Hopefully I’ll get better and they’ll stop taking a whole evening to do. And I’m willing to take suggestions on what game I should do the next one about!

Viridian’s Video Blog – Powermonger

In this video blog I discuss Bullfrog’s Powermonger. I talk about what it did well and what it didn’t do so well, and why Peter seems obsessed with creating little people.

And if those don’t work, here’s the direct download link.