I think I’m ready to call myself finished with the engine. There are known bugs in it, but they aren’t severe, and I could easily blow all my remaining time on fixing them. In which case you’d get to play an RPG with one map with no enemies on it.

Here’s what I’ve gotten done:

  • Buying
  • Loading
  • Dying (death is now fatal)
  • The Smite spell
  • Getting objects (you must now be next to an object)
  • Moving with the mouse (left click in the direction you wish to move
  • Smart right-clicking (right-clicking an object picks it up; right-clicking a friendly talks to it, and right-clicking a monster attacks it)
  • Hit marker
  • Missile marker (buggy, but I don’t have time to fix it)

What’s left:

  • Make the two remaining town maps
  • Make the eight dungeon maps
  • Make the final boss castle map
  • Tweak the monsters

I’ll probably start with the overworld, then do the final castle. Then I’ll do as many dungeons as I can. If I get all the dungeons done, I’ll do the other towns (you really only need one town, as Diablo proved). I believe that the project is still on track.