It’s finished!


You can download a version to play here. A full postmortem is forthcoming…after I recuperate a bit 🙂

Here’s the readme file:

Inaria Readme File

This is a role-playing game I wrote from scratch in forty hours over the course of three months. To read more about the game’s development, please visit my weblog at !


Inaria can be played with the keyboard and the mouse, or the mouse alone (sorry, there is no way to play it just with the keyboard).

You can move your character by pressing the arrow keys, using the WASD cluster, or left-clicking on the map where you want your character to go.

You can pick up items in the world by left-clicking on them. They will appear in your inventory. Left-clicking chests opens them, revealing their contents.

You can use items in your inventory by left-clicking on them. Left-clicking arms and armor equips them and gives you stat bonuses. Left-clicking potions drinks them.

The GUI pane in the bottom-right, right above the text area, is your main interface with the game. The four buttons on the left allow you to talk to, look at, pick up or attack anything or anyone in the game. The four buttons to the right of those are your spell buttons (although initially you don’t have any spells). The three buttons on the far right allow you to load, save and quit the game. All of these buttons work by left-clicking.

This game also uses smart right-clicking. Right-clicking an enemy automatically attempts to attack that enemy. Right-clicking a friendly NPC talks to that NPC.


You can change the game to run fullscreen by opening the engine.cfg file and changing the line

full_screen = 0


full_screen = 1

I wouldn’t recommend playing around with any of the other options…they could very easily lead to crashes.


You start off with a little money, just outside a town. Run inside and visit the merchant. Buy a dagger and some leather armor; this will make you a bit more effective in combat.

When you find a dungeon entrance and go inside, look at the text displayed in the text area. This will tell you the name of the dungeon and its level. If the dungeon is significantly higher than your level, it’s probably a good idea to leave it and come back to it later.

Try talking to monsters!

The Clever Merchant in town is the only place where you can buy potions. If you’re having trouble finding them, sell all the weapons and armor you’re not using and use that money to buy more.

When you level up, clicking the muscle symbol increases your attack power, making you more likely to hit. Do NOT level up your speed, that statistic isn’t used in the game (sigh).

The game honestly is not well-balanced. I just didn’t have the time. As a result, it’s not that hard a game. If you play smart, you should beat it pretty quickly.