So, we cancelled our World of Warcraft accounts over the weekend. All three of them. Two of them were collector’s edition accounts.

WoW just falls to bits at 60. I know that’s got to sound weird since they have over five million subscribers at this point, but it’s true. My wife went back to Dark Age of Camelot briefly (she got into that waiting for WoW to come out) and noticed that when she does her artifact raids in DAoC, she’s guaranteed to get the item she needs if she completes the raid…unlike WoW’s “there’s a .03 percent chance for the item to drop and then you have to roll against everyone else in the raid to get it” bullsh- er, crap.

Now, my wife is a hardcore MMORPG player. She started with Ultima Online and progressed to Everquest, Star Wars Galaxies, Dark Age of Camelot and World of Warcraft, and she’s tried many, many more. And since she’s staying home with our young children right now, she’s got a whole lot of time to throw at these games.

And even she eventually got sick of WoW’s “Better luck next time, try again” gameplay at 60.

Now, sigh, yes, we will probably go back at least temporarily when Burning Crusade comes out, but it’s going to take a lot to bring me back into WoW permanently. Basically, it’s going to require 60 casual content, which WoW doesn’t have at all. Once you get to 60, you raid or you farm faction. That’s all you have to do. No quests – you’ve done them all (except for raid quests that get you the keys to new dungeons). No more getting better armor and weapons from world drops – now the only way you can improve your armor and weapons is by raiding. Basically there’s no reason to log in unless you’ve got a nice three-hour chunk of time and you’re ready to raid. And you’d better be willing to do it every night of the week or you still won’t get anything.

Yeah, I’m bitter. And yes, I keep harping on this. I can’t help it – the game was so damn good until 60. It just hurt when I realized that gosh, there’s nothing more for me to do in WoW now.