Month: October 2006

Put That Freakin’ Sandwich Down…Again!

So, crunch time on Top Spin 2 is over. So it’s time to start my diet up again.

We’re starting slow and simple, just like I did last time when I was nearly successful. All I’m doing this week is drinking water. No exercise, no food restrictions yet. To help wean me off the caffeine, I have laid in a large supply of Jolt Gum, which I ordered off of ThinkGeek.

I’ve already screwed up a perfect score for this week by forgetting and drinking a soda with my lunch, dangit. Hopefully I can redeem myself later.

Okay, New Plan

The video blog isn’t happening this week, but I will have a little something something for you later this week. It’ll be a video, but it won’t be a video blog. What could it possibly be? Tune in to find out!

Video Blog Delayed

I’ll be heading out of town to go to a friend’s wedding tomorrow, so the video blog probably won’t go up until Sunday at the earliest. Sorry, everybody.

The Grand Reveal!

Okay! Looks like someone announced the project I’m working on and didn’t tell me. In any event, now I can talk about it!

The project I’m working on is…

Brace yourselves…

Hang on to your hats…


Hey! I heard that sniggering! Top Spin 2 is actually a great game. It’s by far the most accurate tennis simulation ever devised, and it’s (usually) fun to play.

As a result of working on this game, I now know far more about tennis than is normal for a human male who is not a tennis player. For instance…

1. You are your own worst enemy. Most of the points your opponent scores will be off of your mistakes, not because of brilliant play by him. So make fewer mistakes than your opponent.

2. If you’re running all over the court and your opponent is just standing there, you’re losing.

3. Winning on your own serve means nothing. You are only better than your opponent if you can win on his serve.

Top Spin 2 is a great game and I think the PC version is going to be just as good as the 360 version was. And the great thing is, the odds of this game not shipping? Zero! I will finally get to ship a game!

Name That Game 3!

Okay, you little punks have been getting these pretty easy, so it’s time to ratchet up the difficulty level.


Oh, and just for the record, every game I use will be a game for the PC. I’m not going to go way back to the Commodore 64/Apple II era (that feels like cheating).

Name and developer, please.

Video Blog 4, 10-07-06

In this episode, I talk about how games don’t have to be so darn difficult and present some gameplay footage from Hit & Myth. And I actually kept the thing to under fifteen minutes this time!


Google Video (quality still not as good; not sure how to fix it):

If neither of those work, you can download the file directly from here.

David, Part 2

We had a huge meeting today about David at his school. I must have met ten different people – principals, assistant principals, teachers, aides, specialists, etc, etc, etc. We had to answer a lot of questions about his behavior and development level in order for them to set up a program for him, and it turns out that he’ll have to move to another local school in order to get the attention he needs.

It was a very emotional, stressful, overwhelming experience. Emotional? Yep. I’m biased because I’m his dad, but I swear, I’ve never met a sweeter child. He has no guile in him. He’s not jealous of his younger sister, nor does he pester his older sister just to be mean. I don’t think he even knows what a lie is yet. Everyone at his school loves him. So his teacher broke down crying when she was told David would be leaving her class, which caused my wife to start crying. So the meeting boiled down to long stretches of having lots of technical jargon dumped on us punctuated by someone starting to cry.

The thing is, even in the six weeks since he started at his current school, my wife and I have noticed a marked improvement in both his speech and his behavior. The combination of a more structured environment and other children to interact with has already been very good for him. I can ask him a question now and there’s a good chance that he will answer it, instead of simply reflect it back to me. I’m grateful for what his current teachers have done for him, and I’m eager to see how much he will improve in a specialized curriculum.

Name That Game 2!

This one shouldn’t be too hard. I was just in the mood to post a classic RPG screenshot.

(Right-click and choose “View Image” for a full-sized version.)

Old-school RPG!

Again, first person to contact me with the name of the game and the name of the developer gets mentioned in my next video blog!

Video Blog 3, 10-01-06

Video Blog 3 successful!

In this blog I talk about how game development and game publishing work, tell two stories about game development, and even have a guest star at the end!

Edit: Google Video version is here. Gamespot’s player doesn’t seem to work well for non-Usanians. I’ll be uploading the Google Video version more promptly in the future.

Okay, let’s test something here…



Except that the quality on the Google Video version is MUCH worse than the Gamespot one. Crud!

Edit: Direct download link for this video blog is here.