Month: November 2006

Name That Game 10!

Sorry about the lack of updates; I’ve been sick for about a week…and yes, that means I was sick over Thanksgiving, it was terrible.

Anyway, today’s entry comes from a suggestion from Ryan Clark.

Yes, it’s another RPG. Deal.

I know!  Starbase Commander!

I’m cheating again; I’m using a much nicer-looking (and honestly, more recognizable) Commodore 64 screenshot than a DOS screenshot. But this game was available for DOS.

Name and developer, please! Bonus points if you can give me both names of this game.

And if anyone else has a suggestion, please feel free to send them in!


Whoever designed the chapter “Lowlife” in Half-Life 2 Episode 1 deserves a good swift kick in the nuts.

Combat overall in HL2E1 seems poorly designed; the designers appear to have not realized that if you make the enemies even tougher than they were in Half-Life 2, and then at the same time give the player fewer weapons with which to fight, it might make for rather frustrating combat sequences. Add to this Lowlife’s trick of there being no goddamn light in the level and it’s just ridiculous. It’s been a long time since I’ve just gotten so fed up with a program that I just Alt-F4’d out, but this game did it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

May your day be full of family, football, and food.

Especially pie. There’s just nothing like pie.

Name That Game 9!

Today’s game comes courtesy of Tom Mauer. Blame him. I personally had never seen this game before.

It's definitely one of the Tony Hawk games.

Name and developer, per usual. Reward? Uh…I’m kinda strapped for cash…but I’m totally good for it! Really! I’ll mail you a check next week!

Nothing You Can Possess

I was playing some Oblivion last night and going down some quest paths I didn’t do on my first game. I came across a questgiver who gave me a quest with the title “Nothing You Can Possess”, which I thought was a very clever, subtle reference to…something.

Can anybody tell me what? And can anybody give me a good guess as to what happened during the quest?


I’ll be doing Thanksgiving again this year. At least I got more than twenty-four hours notice.

Of course, this past weekend was supposed to be spent cleaning up the house. But my wife was sick and very little got done. It’s pretty much time to panic at this point.

Now, the odd thing is that I’ve been looking forward to this. Everybody seems to like my Thanksgiving dinner and I certainly like making people happy. It’s just that circumstances have made it difficult for me to do this in anything less than the same rush I did it last year, and that frustrates me.

Plus, I probably won’t have a chance to try anything new. I had originally planned on doing a ham as well as a turkey, but I don’t think I’ll have time now.

Oh, well. It’s a good excuse to clean up the house. And there will be pie. Oh, yes. There will be pie.

Local Wii Supply

I was at a local Wal-Mart earlier picking up some stuff and figured I’d ask how many Wiis they were getting in. I actually managed to ask the question with a straight face and the lady didn’t bat an eye. She told me they already had 29 and that more would be coming on the afternoon truck. There was no line of Wii-waiters that I could see.

Which means that if funds sufficed, I could almost certainly go to Wal-Mart at midnight tonight, plunk down a mere $250, and walk out with a Wii. On launch day. Without having to camp out for days beforehand.

Good job, Nintendo.

(Of course, funds do not currently suffice. Sigh. But that’ll get fixed fairly soon.)

Update: No Wii for me 🙁 They didn’t get any more on the truck, and I would guess that there were about 45 people there. It was pretty orderly; no big ruckus. The box is tiny. Just wish they’d had enough for all of us.

Name That Game 8!

Here we go again…back in RPG land.

Well, it's obviously a first-person shooter of some sort.

Note: I cheated on this one just a little bit. But it should still be possible to get it.

Your reward for naming the game and developer? Eternal fame, of course! Because in the future this website will obviously be preserved as a monument to my climb to greatness. You will bask in reflected glory! (Reflected glory not guaranteed.)

More Like My Computer

The problem with my primary computer was that I was getting lots of snow on the screen and the computer was crashing pretty regularly – sometimes even when the computer was first starting up, before Windows started to load. It seemed like either my video card was going flaky or the BIOS on the motherboard was going bad…either way, bad news. This was what drove me to my secondary computer.

Well, last night I decided to take another crack at fixing my primary computer. I took my video card out of my computer and put it in my wife’s. It worked fine. Hmmm…so the card itself wasn’t the problem, it was the interaction between the card and something else.

Now, a friend recently sold a computer back to me that I had built for him about two years ago…he had upgraded to a spiffing new Dell and didn’t need it any more. Since his computer was practically identical to mine, that meant I had another motherboard of the same type as the one in my primary computer, and it actually had a slightly faster CPU on it. I swapped out the motherboard and CPU. Crud, same problem…but that meant that the BIOS hadn’t been going bad on my old computer.

The video card worked, the motherboard worked, the processor worked…hmm, I wondered, could it be the power supply?

I swapped the power supply in my computer for the one from my friend’s – and all the problems went away! Somehow the shielding on the power supply must have failed, giving my poor video card a nice continual stream of noise – no wonder it was complaining!

So now, not only do I have my primary computer back, but it’s actually better than it used to be, with a slightly faster processor and a half-gig more RAM!

Now if only I’d done this last Friday night…

More Like Me

I am feeling much more like myself today. Should this trend continue much stuff could conceivably get done this week…possibly including a video podcast! If you guys want to suggest topics for me to talk about, feel free.