Which way is the sheep, George?

That three-by-three series of squares represents a town. (As I have mentioned earlier, I are no artist.) The villager is fetching food from the sheep (which currently has no AI and simply serves as a permanent food source) back to the village. When the village has enough food (or rather, has a large enough food income) it creates another villager, which…does the same thing. I should have them collecting wood as well very soon, and then it’ll be time to start tweaking how the village grows and shrinks based on the food and wood income and external events (like getting set on fire by a god power).

I’ve already got the village “wrapping” to fit to the terrain, so it’ll react appropriately to changes in the terrain height. Now I just need a little building to go in the middle, better textures…and the ability to grow.

And I’m aware that my beach-to-grass transition has gotten messed up. Can any eagle-eyed readers tell me why?