Let’s face it, this page is where the action is on this site. I haven’t updated the main page or my links in months.

Well, that’s because updating the main page or the links is annoying. It requires downloading pages, mucking around in their HTML and the uploading them again. Unlike updating my blog, which is quick and easy.

I had thought that the problem was that the blog really isn’t integrated into the rest of the site very well. I wanted to fix that so I did some research…turns out that WordPress is quite capable of running an entire site, especially one as simple as this one. So instead of WordPress integrating into the rest of the site, the rest of the site will disappear and this blog will become the site.

Thus the radical new template. The template layout is very nice; I especially like the buttons for my various pages at the top. The color scheme will probably change and I’ll do some other tweaking, but I’m hoping very soon to move the entire blog to the root of this site and then everyone can just come to ViridianGames.com to read new posts as well as download my finished games.

And if anyone has any suggestions, please feel free!