And it is.

It's almost a game.

The GUI is now nearly complete. In this screenshot you see me using the Flatten Land tool to smooth out the land around my city so it can expand. The three tabs on the GUI work (I’m quite proud of that). The first tab has all the icons for your god powers, of course. The blue bar is your mana bar. The second tab is your army screen, and has buttons that allow you to recruit new archers, warriors and barbarians. It also has a button that allows you to select and zoom to your general. The third tab is the options tab. It will eventually contain most game options but right now it just contains the quit button.

The Flatten Land and Lightning Bolt god powers have basic functionality, and Lightning Bolt throws units around just like it should. I’m very happy with the physics – much happier than anything I got with ODE.

I will be releasing a second demo on July 31. There may not be a “game” in there yet, as I may not be able to get an AI implemented in time, but you will at least be able to run the program, make villages, build your army, get mana and use god powers. I’ll at least put in some enemy villages for you to abuse, since they are autonomous. I’m going to want lots of feedback, specifically on how well the game performs on various systems.