Well, I’d been thinking about doing this for a while and friends of mine suggested that some of my posts on ViridianGames.com might be offputting to potential employers.

So welcome to my new personal blog!  Here I’ll be talking about my family, my hobbies, and self-improvement.   And I won’t be as leery about breaking PSRD (on ViridianGames.com I do not discuss politics, sex, religion or drugs).   And while I didn’t want to turn ViridianGames.com into an “Anthony recovers from his heart attack” blog, I’ll be talking a lot more about it here.

What you won’t see here are long treatises on game development topics; for that you should still continue to check ViridianGames.com.

So, welcome!  Come in, sit a spell, put  your feet up.  And don’t be surprised if the chilluns jump on you.