Day: August 27, 2009

Second Round of Voting is O-vah!

Yep, “Kittens” scored a miserable -82. The winners of Round 2 were Connections, Clouds, Evolution and (with a score of 0) Glow in the Dark. I’m still leaning towards Burrowing, since I know just what kind of game I’d make with that one.

First Round of Voting is O-vah!

Thankfully, “Educational” ended up at the bottom of the list, with a score of -82.

Unfortunately, “Ages 5 and Up” ended up not much higher, with a -71.

The winners from Round 1 were: Burrowing, Caverns, Castle, Cold and Frozen, Winds and (just barely) Recycling. Not bad.

I’m disappointed to discover that “Kittens”, which is in the current round of voting, is one of the classic “joke” themes that never win.