Day: August 28, 2009

And The Theme Is…

Caverns! I love it! Let’s rock!

Three Hours and Counting!

If you’re thinking about participating, you might want to read these survival guides (of varying degrees of seriousness).

Sol_HSA’s Ludum Dare Survival Guide
MrFun’s Survival Guide
GBGames’ Survival Tips

Also, make sure you make an account on the WordPress blog so you can post in-progress reports and screenshots. As well as what you’re eating (hey, there’s a “food” category; if you can’t win with your game you can win with your delectable recipes).

And finally, you must join us on IRC!

Um…I don’t mean “must” as in “you can’t enter unless you do”; I just mean “must” as in “you’ll miss out on half the fun”.

See you guys in three hours!