Okay! Let’s talk about expectations vs. reality.

I was recently hired by Somanetics to do some refactoring of their codebase and fix some graphical issues with one of their embedded devices. My contract was to last six months, after which Somanetics would have the option to hire me. When my current boss introduced me to one of the VPs and described what I could do, the VP became excited at the thought of how a “real” graphics programmer could improve the software. As we walked out of his office, my current boss remarked, “You probably just doubled your contract!”

Now, I knew that Somanetics had been bought recently, but that didn’t seem to be affecting day-to-day operations of the company.

So everything was fine. Hunky to the dorey, in fact…until last Wednesday.

When we discovered that our new parent was closing this office upon completion of our current project.

Fortunately, the other contractors and I are considered essential to the completion of said current project, so we’ll stay on until probably the first of next year. Then I’m going to be unemployed again.

It’s almost as if Fate or Destiny or the Great Will of the Macrocosm is saying, “Look, man. GO INDIE. How many companies do we have to destroy before you get it? Just do it! Just trust yourself and do it!”