In my last post my friend Dave commented thusly:

I know you’re out of games and I know you’re not into moving away any time soon. But I feel I must say that BioWare Austin does have many programmer positions currently open and actively hiring. And I’m not saying this just to get an iPad. I’m saying this because I know you’d like it here.

Dave, you tempt me, but

a) the last time I tried to apply to Bioware Austin they didn’t seem particularly interested in me, even though Wynne vouched for me. I don’t think anything has happened that would make me any more appealing to them now.

b) we have no money to move and are not in a moving mode anyway, and

3) EA Louse seems to suggest that Bioware may be having some troubles of their own. I hate to be swayed by such fearmongering, but this is my family I’m talking about.

So I’ll be sticking it out up here. I think finding another contract job as well as getting Inaria ready for publication is my best bet right now.