Oddly enough, I haven’t been talking on this blog much because I’ve been doing so much. I’ve gotten an amazing amount of stuff done on Inaria. Let’s take a look in three handy lists.

What’s Out:

Party-based combat. Inaria is now officially a single-character game.
Arenas: All combat will now take place on the main map.

What’s In:

“Special” terrain squares (poison fields, locked doors, teleporters, etc)
Tooltips. One of the most common concerns I hear from the CRPG Addict is that he just doesn’t have enough feedback on what’s happening to his character.
Random loot. Yes, I’m putting in random loot. After I started putting in special items named after my contributors it felt natural to have random loot. Don’t think I’ll get around to set bonuses, but hey, you never know.
The size of the screen has been boosted from 512×384 to 640×480 to fit the larger map view as well as the new lists of abilities.
The RPG system has been fixed; all stats are now valuable (though some will be more valuable than others depending on the type of character you want to use).
A new editor is in the works that will allow me to use the new terrain squares quickly and efficiently.

Screenshots to follow. I’ll also be trying to figure out enough of Avidemux to cut together a trailer.