Don’t…don’t give me that look. I can feel your look.

Yes, Inaria is getting pushed back. But there are several good reasons.

First, the deadline was my birthday. How stupid was that? I want to spend my birthday relaxing, opening presents and eating a hamburger as big as my head, not frantically coding.

Second, the game might still be ready on time, but the website is not. I Are No Artist, so my website design skills are limited. I’ve already figured out how I’d like to do the layout, but actually making it look nice is a bit beyond me. Plus, I have to set up everything so that the game can actually be purchased.

Third, if I do get the donations from 8-Bit Funding, I’ll need time to actually use them, since I stupidly put the donation deadline on the same day the game was to be released. (Whether or not I get the donations from 8-Bit Funding depends on whether or not I hit $250 in donations within the next two days. If a project does not raise at least 50% of the money requested before the deadline, all donations are refunded, no exceptions.)

The new date is March 31st. I think this is realistic enough that I might actually come in early.

Don’t worry. You’ll be taking on the Slorn army single-handedly in no time.