…watching your 16-year-old daughter level her priest from 1 to 60 in about three weeks…when it took you a year to get your first 60.

…finding out that your ten-year-old son spent all your Wii points on Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People, Part 1.

…having your six-year old daughter constantly ask you if you’ve made the game with the kittens yet.

…having your wife wake you up in the middle of the night and ask you where your authenticator is because she was banned from World of Warcraft for 24 hours.

…having same wife finally, finally, finally try Starcraft II in that 24-hour WoW-less period and discovering that she loves it.

…having to put your laptop on a 6-and-a-half foot tall shelf so that your children can’t get into it. Because they will.

…quoting a scene from Psychonauts along with your son, where he plays Raz and you play Coach Oleander.

…having about six DSs in the house, and constantly finding DS cartridges you didn’t know you owned. (Wait, we own Spirit Tracks? When did we get that?)

…finding that someone has stepped on your Mortal Kombat 9 CD while it was still in the case – and it got broke anyway.

…having to read a Phoenix Wright game out loud to your six-year-old because she still struggles with some of the tougher words.

…coaching your sixteen-year-old on how to handle griefers in her D&D campaign. (Short answer – kick ’em. Out of the game, I mean.)

…reading a fairy tale to your youngest daughter off your smartphone.

…playing XBLA demos with your older daughter and sharing your opinions. (Consensus: Fron Dust – good but a little disappointing that it’s a puzzle game rather than something closer to Populous. Bastion – pretty but the combat gets a little samey. Limbo – terribly depressing and overrated; the Braid of 2011. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet – SHUT UP AND TAKE OUR MONEY.)

…returning to your computer to discover that your son has been watching Let’s Plays of the Kingdom Hearts games all day long.