Okay! I’ve sold exactly one copy of Inaria through BMT Micro, which is enough because I wanted to find out what the experience was for the buyer. The buyer was one Ido Yehieli, who just happens to be an indie himself. After quizzing him on how BMT Micro worked for him, he then sent me a free copy of his game, Cardinal Quest. Which is actually a pretty good little Roguelike with modern features. I especially like the scrolling combat text – I was attacked by a succubus with her special power; the scrolling text told me I’d “Lost 3 Attack”. I killed her and a few turns later saw “Recovered 3 Attack”, which made it VERY clear that her spell had worn off. THAT’S the level of clarity I need in my Roguelikes. (I’m talking to you, NetHack. I don’t care how famous and beloved you are, I still think you’re a crappy game.)

Anyhoo, you can buy Cardinal Quest for a measly $5, and unlike my game there’s actually a demo so you can find out if you like it before you play. So check it out!