Units can now fight each other (some of the units in the upper-left corner are dead, that’s why they’re upside-down).

We now have fog of war in.

I made graphics for the other two unit types, but I haven’t started using them yet.

Screenshot-Starter Project

All in all, I’m disappointed in how little I got done this weekend. Three kids and all, yes, but I also fired up Dishonored for the first time “just to see what it was all about”. That was a mistake.

Soooo…I won’t have something to submit for #7DRTS. But that’s okay – by Wednesday I knew that Chitin wouldn’t be ready in time for that anyway; my wife was right when she said that Ludum Dares are for “single guys with no kids”.

I will be continuing the Chitin project as a 40-hour game, and I fully intend to finish.