Rather than just let them fade away, I’m going to officially put the video blogs on hiatus. There are a couple reasons for this.

First, since I got sick about two weeks ago my energy level has been kind of low and I’ve had this chronic cough…not good for talking.

Second, WonderMellon recently commented that when I started doing my video blogs it felt like my other projects were beginning to suffer. That’s true…it’s just amazing how much time it takes to do a video blog. It’ll take me three to four hours just to get fifteen minutes up on the web, and that’s time I could have spent much more effectively on a One-Page Game or Planitia.

Third…well, it’s getting kind of forced. The video blog I was planning to do this weekend was going to talk about high-level versus low-level story, which is something everybody is probably already familiar with…and I’m not really sure what my point was going to be.

The video blogs (or some other video feature) will return when I feel like I’ve got something to say and I’m well enough to say it (cough) without coughing (cough) all the way through (cough) it.