I was at a local Wal-Mart earlier picking up some stuff and figured I’d ask how many Wiis they were getting in. I actually managed to ask the question with a straight face and the lady didn’t bat an eye. She told me they already had 29 and that more would be coming on the afternoon truck. There was no line of Wii-waiters that I could see.

Which means that if funds sufficed, I could almost certainly go to Wal-Mart at midnight tonight, plunk down a mere $250, and walk out with a Wii. On launch day. Without having to camp out for days beforehand.

Good job, Nintendo.

(Of course, funds do not currently suffice. Sigh. But that’ll get fixed fairly soon.)

Update: No Wii for me 🙁 They didn’t get any more on the truck, and I would guess that there were about 45 people there. It was pretty orderly; no big ruckus. The box is tiny. Just wish they’d had enough for all of us.