So I’m on vacation until the 11th.

I like to take my vacations in March. For one thing, it lets me be off work for my birthday. For another, not many people tend to take time off in March (unless there’s an E3 push happening, but that’s not the case this year). And the weather is usually very nice.

Now, I don’t go anywhere on my vacations. I just stay home. I haven’t been on a trip in years. I’d like to fix that, but travel costs money I don’t have.

But this year I’m taking a Joss Whedon vacation. Joss Whedon tends to take vacations only when he’s starting up a new project. So A Joss Whedon vacation is when you stop working hard on what you’re currently working on so you can work hard on something else.

And of course, for me the “something else” is Planitia. I am really hoping to get monumental amounts of work done on it in these next nine days.

And one of those monumental things is multiplayer. The engine for Planitia has to be done by the end of March. No exceptions. I’m going to need all of April to make and tweak content – I will not allow Planitia to suffer the same fate as Inaria. It’s just got too much potential.

Therefore, if multiplayer isn’t working by the end of March, it’s cut. Indeed, anything that isn’t working by the end of March gets cut.

You can view my current task list on Planitia to see how I’m doing. And I’m hoping to release another alpha by the end of this week.