No new screenshots, sorry. But I got a lot of help over the weekend from Sol, which I am very grateful for. He pointed out a couple stupid things I was doing that was keeping my frame rate down and making the camera movement jittery. I’m quite happy to get those problems solved.

Now if I could just fix the fact that the frame rate drops to 1/3 of normal when terrain morphing…

ANYway…I promised you guys a demo at the end of July and I intend to make good on that promise. This demo is mostly going to be god powers; the army stuff isn’t fully implemented yet. And not all the god powers will be implemented either. Hey, it’s a demo.

Now, in return, I’m going to request that you guys give me feedback on how the game looks and plays…you know the drill.

At this point I’m thinking that I’ll probably end up doing three releases.

The first will be skirmish against the computer only.

The second will add the storyline missions.

And the third will add multiplayer. God, just saying that word makes me shudder. It’s going to be such hell and I’ve already gone through so much hell with the 3D stuff…

Frankly, I could see myself working on this game for the rest of the year, easy. I may limit myself to one year of development time, which would mean I’d have to be done with everything by late October.

And to think I originally thought I’d get this out by the end of April…

ANYhoo. Demo later today or early tomorrow. I promise I’ll have at least one Ultimate power implemented for you guys to try out.