Um…yeah. Demo.

See, I’ve got a bug in the terrain morphing. It looks great, but it kills the frame rate and if you move and morph at the same time the camera goes out of control. I know I can fix it with just a little work.

Plus, if I get some sounds in, the whole game will be SO much better.

So here’s the thing. I’m going to keep my promise.

You can click here to download the current version of Planitia.

But! I will be releasing another version of the demo this weekend that will be greatly improved, so please don’t judge this one too harshly.


W, A, S, D – Move Camera. You can also move the camera by moving to the mouse to the edge of the play window.

Q, E – Orbit Camera

ESC – Quit

On the first GUI Panel, the following buttons work:

Flatten – Flattens out the terrain and raises or lowers it to city-building height.

Stone Rain – Paints “ruined” terrain onto the map.

Lightning Bolt – Click this, then click units to throw them around. Does not do damage and has no associated effect yet.

Bless – Paints “blessed” terrain onto the map.

Volcano – Pulls the terrain into a volcano shape…doesn’t do anything else yet.

Clicking any of these buttons puts you into an associated “mode”. Right-click to go back to selection mode.

None of the other buttons on this panel work yet.

On the second GUI Panel, you can left-click the general button to select your general (no matter where he is). Right-click the general button to zoom to your general. You are the green player and your general has a green cape.

None of the army buttons work yet.

On the third GUI panel…the Quit button works 🙂 It’s probably the best button in the game currently.

So what can I do?

Flatten out the terrain around the villages and watch them grow. The villages won’t grow unless they have enough flat terrain to do so.

Deform the land to your heart’s content with Flatten and Volcano (although as you do so you will see your frame rate drop to crap temporarily).

Move your general around.

Throw units around with Lightning Bolt. I find myself unconsciously trying to keep one in the air as long as possible.

I’m not going to ask for feedback on this demo…though if you have trouble running it I would certainly like to know that.

NOTE: If the game complains that you are missing d3d9_**.dll then you need to update your DirectX.