Thanks to subscribing to a convenient mailing list I actually know about Ludum Dare 15 before it starts! Incredibar! Will I be competing?

Hmmm…I think it may depend on the theme. There are some real gems in there but also some real turkeys…if “Educational” wins I’m not going to bother. On the other hand, “Ages 5 and Up” sounds fun, as do “Castles”, “Caverns” and “Flying Dragons” (heck, you could combine all three).

I think I need to refine my working platform a bit and write some tools in order to be ready to meet the deadline; of course DrPetter‘s Musagi, SFXR and CherryBrush tools are indispensible for creating content quickly. Now, if only I knew how to use them better…

Edit: It looks like DrPetter’s site is down for the count (it was a university site) but most of this stuff is available at the TIGSource links provided.